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reaching around the world: it's about more than face masks

We met Munir about two weeks after his arrival in the United States. A team of volunteers was delivering food baskets to newly arrived refugees when one of the team members called us. They had met a tailor from Pakistan who wanted to talk about any opportunities with Threads by Nomad. Munir did a short internship with us to assess his skills. Since that time in 2018, Munir has worked with us on a contract basis. He has made dolls, clergy stoles, stuffed animals, and more. Munir also works a second job on an as needed basis.

The beginning of March, he was told that they did not have any work for him. His distress was palpable. When we asked him a couple of weeks later if he was interested in making face masks for us, he jumped at the chance. 

It was only a couple of weeks later that Munir became noticeably anxious again. He asked me how many more masks I thought we would need. Of course, I had no idea. He then explained that his family members in Pakistan have also lost their jobs due to the pandemic. He is now not only providing for his family in Houston but also supporting his extended family in Pakistan through this difficult time only on the money he makes through our face mask project.

If you weren't aware, the face masks we are making go predominantly to non-profit agencies in Texas. In donating to The Off Ramp, your gift lifts up a refugee and his family, a family in Pakistan, and community workers here in Texas. Thank you for your gracious support of this project and of The Off Ramp. We ask that you continue to support us and our work on Giving Tuesday, May 5

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