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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues around the globe, demand for protective masks has resulted in shortages in the United States and beyond. Not only are healthcare organizations and personnel affected, but individuals with compromised immune systems in need of protection have been impacted as well. If your organization is in need of non-medical grade face masks, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

These fabric masks are not medical-grade and are not considered by authorities to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because their effectiveness is not known. Health authorities are increasingly recommending that fabric masks be considered as “a last resort” as they may be more effective than nothing. We wish that we could provide you with medical grade masks and other PPE, but due to global shortages we are not able to at this time.


Our manufacturers washed these masks prior to mailing them but we highly recommend that you do an additional pre-wash. In addition to sanitizing the masks, washing may tighten the fibers to allow fewer virus particles through. We recommend washing the masks with hot water and soap. Do not use fabric softener. You can use bleach but it must be thoroughly washed out as any remaining bleach residue could cause facial irritation. Masks should be worn securely on the face and wearers should be advised to fiddle with the masks as little as possible. Other recommended protocols for hygiene and sanitation, including regular hand washing, should still be followed.

We are not medical professionals or public health experts. We encourage you to do your own research on non-medical grade masks prior to use. None of the organizations, individuals, or entities involved in any aspect of the manufacturing or distribution of these masks may be held liable for any results or consequences associated with their use.

We are honored to have the opportunity to support you, your organization, and the clients you serve during this challenging and scary time.

how you can


Join The Off Ramp as we supply non-medical grade masks to agencies in need in Texas. This project provides wages to refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, in Houston and survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking in Dallas, Texas. Manufacturing is outsourced in partnership with Threads by Nomad (a subsidiary of The Off Ramp) and the Love and Freedom Project


“Refugees in Houston and survivors of domestic violence and trafficking in Dallas will be making non-medical grade masks for those having contact with the public. Vulnerability and trauma have been their companions for too long. This work will enable them to have a small income during this difficult time. While it will not meet all of their financial needs it will give them funds to get by." - Nell Green, Project Coordinator

Ways to Participate: 

1. Ship materials to The Off Ramp: 

- 100% cotton material (Examples: new bedsheets, bolts of fabric, etc.)

- ⅛ inch wide elastic or elastic cords used in jewelry making (must be one or the other)

2. Order material from an online retailer like JoAnn’s Fabrics or Hobby Lobby and ship the material directly to The Off Ramp Organization. 

3. Make a financial contribution to The Off Ramp mask mission project so materials can be ordered. Donate here: https://www.theofframp.org/donate

4. Ship pre-made masks to The Off Ramp to be supplied to medical professionals around the state. Upon receipt, The Off Ramp will pre-wash and distribute the masks, and ask all recipients to wash the masks in hot water prior to use. 


Shipping Address: 

Nell Green

℅ The Off Ramp

9833 Sandra Ann Court

Houston, TX  77025

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