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Impact Report 2023: From Flux to Flex, Pivot to Progress

This is our third impact report for The Off Ramp and its subsidiary, Threads by Nomad. The Off Ramp began before the pandemic. About the time we would begin tracking what we are doing the pandemic hit and like everyone we were in flux mode. The word “pivot” became a part of our daily vocabulary. Our first impact report documented that process.

Since then, flux has turned to flex, and pivot has turned to progress. That is what this impact report represents. We have remained flexible in developing the work here on the east coast and have made continual progress forward.

We are eager to share with you this report. You have been integral to our progress. We are grateful for your partnership.

Following are our fave five happenings in 2022 and 2023. We can’t put them in any kind of order because we would disagree as to which ones brought us the most joy and excitement!

1. Our international endeavors and travel: Christen started our work in Senegal and Nell spent time with our partners in Uganda.

2. New line for Threads: It has taken a long while since the pandemic subsided to pull together a collection. It is a bit later than we planned but a new collection is completed and will be on the Threads by Nomad website soon.

3. Furniture bank: Those who are displaced or in danger of displacement have received furniture to set up a home.

4. Resettling a family from Afghanistan: The H. family arrived late August just in time for school. It has been a wonderful year of community building and cultural exchange.

5. Mentoring: There is no longer a tailor in a studio. Instead, we have the joy of coming alongside budding seamstresses across the country and around the world helping them perfect skills and create product for resale.

We do hope you will read the impact report for 2022-2023 and share with us your favorites!

With gratitude,

The Team at The Off Ramp and Threads by Nomad

Nell, Christen, Jackie, and Butch

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