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  • Christen Kinard

from terror and chaos to peace and hope

It is hard to believe a year has passed.

This time one year ago, we moved The Off Ramp and Threads by Nomad to the east coast as Butch (my dad) entered retirement.

Pandemic has presented a number of challenges. Yet because of your support we have been able to manage the move and continue to offer opportunities for economic stability for those who are displaced or in danger of displacement.

Let me tell you about one of those opportunities.

We have all followed the crisis in Afghanistan. As we prepared to respond to the arrival of new refugees from Afghanistan, we learned there is a significant difference between the Carolinas and Texas—the availability of housing.

You see, low income apartments are not as readily available as they are in Houston. So refugees often have to spend much of the small one-time stipend they receive on hotel rooms until permanent housing is secured.

The Welcome House Network, based in North Carolina and with whom we've had a relationship for some time, reached out to us asking for help securing safe and comfortable temporary housing in Charlotte.

Many people don't realize that my dad does a lot of work for The Off Ramp behind the scenes. He immediately began reconnecting with contacts we've had in the area and making new ones.

A church responded to the need. An area of their building had been outfitted with cooking facilities, baths, private rooms for the homeless in cold weather. They were willing to offer this space to refugees arriving in the United States.

When the first family arrived, they were greeted warmly. A meal was shared, clothes provided, toys given to the five children. Yes, language barriers were challenging but the language of hospitality spoke volumes.

Now we are working to find permanent housing for this family and make ready for the next guests.

Because you are willing to join us in welcoming the stranger, a family exiting terror and chaos is now able to experience peace and hope. You did that. Thank you.

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