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You're changing lives but there is more work to do.

It has been about ten days since we sent out the email detailing our face mask project. (If you didn't get that email for some reason, you can read it here.) So much has happened in that short time at The Off Ramp, in Houston and around the world. We thought this week an update would be appropriate.

The face masks are reaching those who need them and the feedback has been very positive:

"Abundance....Shout out to @theofframp_ for the amazing masks for our staff and kids #ppe#pyranch#thankful"⁠⠀


"OH MY GOODNESS!!! I cannot thank you enough! My staff and kiddos will be so thrilled to have them. Many thanks for all you are doing!"⁠

We'd also like to let you know how the various members of our team are faring. All members of our team have received Wal-Mart gift cards to help them make ends meet and we touch base with them every couple of days.

  • Haydar, while technically furloughed from Threads by Nomad, is making masks and getting paid as a contractor by The Off Ramp. Since the income is not what he was making before, he will also file for unemployment. Threads by Nomad has also applied for a crisis loan that could enable us to hire him back. We will let you know if that transpires.

  • Munir is also getting paid to make masks and was so committed to making as many as possible this past week he hurt his back! We have encouraged him to scale back the number of hours he's working in the day so he can stay healthy and continue to contribute throughout the duration of the crisis.

  • Iman is at home without work but her son is working at Domino's and they seem to be doing alright for now. We have encouraged them to stay in touch with us and let us know if there is anything they need.

  • Atia is still working at a pizza restaurant and the demand for face masks is such that we may be able to enlist her in their production as well.

We are already in need of more donations. Donations of materials and finances help us keep the cost of each mask to a minimum.

If you are able to contribute, we need the following:

  • Elastic (1/8 inch-wide) or elastic cord (used in jewelry making)

  • 100% cotton fabric or (new!) 100% cotton sheets

These items should be shipped to Nell Green at 9833 Sandra Ann Court, Houston, TX 77025.

If you can make a financial donation, you can do that here.

Yesterday, we picked up hundreds of masks from Haydar and Munir and this is what our house looked like! When we get the masks home, we wash all of the masks, dry and iron them before packaging them and sending them out for youth and children services. The masks pictured here will go out today. We are privileged to join you in this endeavor. Thank you for all you are doing to help us continue supplying masks to those who are working with vulnerable populations!

Send us an email at if you have any questions!

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