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We're ready. Here's what we need for the masks.

Haydar's last day in the studio was yesterday. Moving forward, he and Munir (and potentially others) will begin working from home as they make masks for the Texas Network of Youth Services and the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services. We have an initial order of 2,000, anticipating that additional orders will continue to roll in.

As of now, we need the following: - Elastic (1/8 inch-wide) or elastic cord (used in jewelry making) - 100% cotton fabric or (new!) 100% cotton sheets These items should be shipped to Nell Green at 9833 Sandra Ann Court, Houston, TX 77025.

Currently, while the cost of making the masks and paying our people per mask is covered in part by these organizations, elastic has become very hard to come by. This has increased the cost of the labor required in making the masks and we would be losing money on each one. At this time, donations received will go toward off-setting this cost.

You can donate at

We are taking this one day at a time. If things change or we need additional supplies or donations, we will reach out. For now, we are so grateful to those of you who have expressed your willingness to support us and our efforts. Now the real work begins!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message us, comment below or email us

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