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  • Christen Kinard

There's one more woman we want to celebrate...

Last week, we recognized and lifted up five women in honor of International Women's Day.

There is one more woman though that we want to shine a light on this evening: Jackie Robinson (left).

Jackie, our "Aunt Jackie," has known Nell since well before Christen was born. They attended the same church in Fort Worth, Texas in the early 1980s. This was the start of a lifelong friendship—a "framily." ⁠

Jackie worked for a combined 14 years at two different churches as their business manager from 2003-2016. As part of this role, Jackie oversaw the organizations' finances, and in late 2017 began offering her experience, talents, and knowledge free of charge to Threads by Nomad.⁠

Since then, she has managed all of Threads' finances and eagerly took on the additional responsibility of managing The Off Ramp's as well when it launched in 2019. ⁠

To say that The Off Ramp and Threads would not exist without Jackie is not an exaggeration. She has kept our business afloat and growing, and without her we would be lost. She may not be on marketing materials or get a lot of social media play but she is an integral part of what we do, and we are grateful for her.⁠

What do we want to honor in Jackie? ⁠

⭐ She is a critical thinker, thinking futuristically and strategically.⁠

⭐ She is humble. She never seeks to put herself out front or before others but helps in whatever way she can, often offering help before we even realize we are going to need it!⁠

⭐ She believes and encourages. It is impossible to measure the value of those who believe in you and believe in what you are doing. Jackie does and she then puts effort and work behind that belief undergirding the work of The Off Ramp and Threads by Nomad. ⁠Jackie, we love you. We admire you. And we honor you.

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