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serving and sewing: meet joanne mwosana

I am a millennial so I probably shouldn't admit to this but I am amazed. I am amazed that on a random weekday morning I can spend twenty minutes chatting with a new friend in Uganda who has just popped into a convenience store and logged onto Zoom from her phone.

I am even somewhat amazed that I can do the same with my mom the next day so she can answer a few lingering questions...while she is hiking with her grandkids!

Our newest podcast episode did suffer from a handful of challenges—last-minute meetings, technical difficulties, and an unanticipated snowfall. Yet it still conveys an important message: JoAnne Mwosana is doing good work among refugees in Uganda and we must continue to support her.

JoAnne is the director for Sewing Hope, the program at Refuge and Hope International that brought you our wrap skirts back in November and the felted ornaments this holiday season. Sewing Hope teaches urban refugee women how to sew so they can support themselves and their families.

For me the most poignant moment in the entire episode is pulled from one of JoAnne's emails: "I know the despair that comes with the failure to provide for your loved ones when times are hard just like many of the women we work with. I'm sure many of us can relate. And I know the relief, joy, and hope that comes with being able to do something, however little."

You may hear it when I read this quote in the episode but I choked up a little at "I'm sure many of us can relate." The truth is that while many around the world can relate I'm not sure many of us can relate. I'm not sure many of those receiving this email (and certainly not the one writing it) can relate. The comfort I know is abundant and I am grateful for and humbled by it. I also will strive to never take it for granted, to remember how rare it is and to work so that those who do not yet know such comfort may one day experience it.

JoAnne inspires me and I am certain she will inspire you. You can access her interview here but please also consider subscribing on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Rate and review us—it really does help!

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