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Seeking Hope and Peace at the Border

- She just wanted to get to a Texas city where her husband and other child were waiting. The threats and violence in her home country were more than a single mom could handle. It took her weeks to make the journey, having to give birth to a baby along the way.

- She was beaten… robbed… threatened… over and over again. She was educated. She was capable of holding down a job, but could not because of the constant violence and threats. Even a treacherous journey – with hope of a future – “has to be better than this.” It was worth the risk.

- He was rendering aid as best he could. Not having much, he did have a little. Therefore, they kidnapped him and his wife. They killed his son.

- She has a small child and is pregnant. The birth of her little one is only a couple of months away. Most likely, she will not have her number called before the birth. There is no room in a shelter for her. “Can someone please help me?” she cries. Where can she find a place that will accept her?

- The building is old. Walls are crumbling. There is not enough money to pay the ever increasing electric bills. They need a freezer to store at least enough food to prepare one meal a day. The doors of the church are opened wide – every day – to welcome those who would otherwise be on the streets.

Continue reading stories from the border here (original article).

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