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one year later: someone was listening

by Christen

One year ago, I traveled to Chiapas, Mexico.

My job was to explore, on behalf of The Off Ramp, the possibility of a new project involving our support of a group of young women (pictured below). These young women had the vision to begin a small weaving business, for which we ended up supplying a grant. Our work with these women continues even as COVID has delayed its progress.

My host in Chiapas and the organization that coordinated the development of the new project in Mexico was the Seminario Intercultural Mayense (SIM). I don't have enough real estate in this email to fully describe to you all of the incredible things SIM is doing in Chiapas in service of the region's indigenous people.

Their work in sustainability, agriculture, education, and women's empowerment moved me. I left Chiapas knowing in my heart that my relationship with them was not ending. I committed internally to helping the seminario in the future.

Well, Someone must have been listening to those thoughts because the time to help the seminario has come.

The pandemic has hammered the indigenous community in Chiapas and the seminario no longer has the means to serve in the way it has up until now. In fact, by the end of the month it will run out of money.

The Off Ramp has committed to supporting SIM in a number of ways during this crisis. One is to host for them a series of events to raise funds and awareness. You'll find all of the details in the graphic below this letter. But for now, consider this a personal ask: please get involved.

Watch our Facebook Live sessions, attend the Zoom Q&A with Dalia (pictured top right) who is SIM's coordinator and a remarkable human. Connect with SIM and learn more about the truly beautiful work that they do. And of course donate if you can.

Our goal is to gather a group of individuals and organizations that will not only support SIM now but will stay connected with their work in a more sustainable way. If you are prepared to donate today, you can do that here. Just be sure to note that it's for "SIM in Chiapas."

Something about SIM, the people there, and their work moved me a year ago. It's time that we move on their behalf now.

With gratitude,


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