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let's be the helpers: on masks and baskets

If you follow us on social media, then you already know that we are working on what has the potential to be a major project. Over the weekend, the state of Texas has asked us to make non-medical grade masks for people affiliated with youth-based services like shelters. The original ask was 160; now it's at 3,000 with the likelihood to increase to 10,000. 

After a long call with all relevant parties yesterday, there is still more to be worked out. We have gone ahead and started producing with the supplies that we have on hand and with what has been donated in Houston. Right now we are working out the exact needs so resources are used efficiently, language for explanation about the masks as they are non-medical grade, and how to distribute the production. As is everything right now, this project is evolving quite quickly. We are committed to seeing it through, however, because it will both keep our refugee colleagues working throughout the duration of this crisis and help keep thousands of at-risk youth and others safe. We should have more details within the next 24 to 36 hours.

There is one thing we need help with right now though, and it has nothing to do with masks.

There are 10 refugee families in Houston who are stuck at home with children and very limited resources. We know many of you have kids at home right now, too, but imagine if you didn't have the ability to provide them with diversions and ways to pass the time?

We will be delivering baskets to these families with toys and other provisions next week. My dad has created an Amazon wish list for some of the items they'd like to include. If you are willing and able, please take a look at the list and consider shipping something to them at 9833 Sandra Ann Court, Houston, TX 77025.

It's fine to look for the helpers. But when you find them, join them. Let's be the helpers.

Look for more information in a day or two with more about the masks. These are strange days for all of us. We are grateful for each one of you. Together we will get through the anxious days. Your love and support of The Off Ramp and Threads by Nomad and our team are deeply appreciated.

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