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In Celebration of 5 Women: Dalia Juárez

All week long, in honor of #InternationalWomensDay, we are lifting up five women we admire.⁠

We will send one quick email each day highlighting a woman who has blessed The Off Ramp as well as us personally.

Today the woman we would like to lift up is Dalia Juárez.⁠

Dalia Juárez is the Coordinator of the Seminario Intercultural Mayense (SIM)⁠ in Chiapas, Mexico.

When I met Dalia back in 2018, I was struck by how much more she is and how much more she does than is indicated by her title.

She is friend and caregiver, educator and spiritual director, a climate activist and defender of indigenous people.

The pandemic has hammered the indigenous community in Chiapas and floods have devastated entire towns in that same time. Through Dalia's leadership, SIM fed families, instructed children, cared for the sick, transported those without means, and mourned with those who suffered loss.

What do we want to honor in Dalia? ⁠

⭐ Her flexibility as she pivoted to care for children when Covid-19 hit⁠

⭐ Her dedication to not only teaching but practicing Divine love and generosity to people and the planet

⭐ Her loving-kindness that has led to the development of friendships with people all around the world

Dalia was also a podcast guest when The Off Ramp held a special fundraiser for SIM back in September. In it, we chat about the indigenous communities in southern Mexico, what unique difficulties they face, how COVID has impacted them, and what SIM is doing to support them. The episode is a great window into another part of the world and its people.

Dalia, we love you. We admire you. And we honor you.

Stay tuned tomorrow to "meet" the third woman we want to celebrate this week!

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