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Finally, some good news!

I have known Missy Ward Angalla since she began her service with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship more than ten years ago. I have a deep appreciation for her commitment to the marginalized in our society—particularly women, refugees, and victims of human trafficking. It has been a joy to observe the work that Missy has accomplished both stateside and abroad in Uganda where she founded Amani Sasa, an organization that works for the safety, wholeness, and empowerment of refugees. 

For some time we have discussed ways that we can work together. Seeing as The Off Ramp offers opportunities to thrive to those who are displaced or in danger of displacement, it seems quite natural that we would come alongside each other!

With few to no safety nets in Ugandan society, the pandemic of COVID-19 dramatically impacted this vulnerable population. As Amani Sasa transitions from crisis mode to equipping and empowering, we are joining them in a project that will help eight Ugandan women build careers. We will come together to provide training in basket weaving. Each participant successfully completing the course will be given a grant to help them start their own business. During their time of learning each woman will receive mentoring, on-site meals and childcare if needed. 

The Off Ramp is excited to be a part of this opportunity. Be looking for these women's creations via Threads by Nomadin the coming months. Until then, if you would like to support this project and help us in the provision of these grants, you can donate to The Off Ramp here.

Thank you, Missy. And thank you, Amani Sasa, for allowing us to help others thrive, not just survive. 

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