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Earth Day: Kindness to the Earth and her People

April 22nd is Earth Day. You wouldn’t think this day would be notable for our subsidiary Threads by Nomad and The Off Ramp. Yet kindness to the earth and her people is very important to us.

The United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With that in mind, we thought we would share those goals we are addressing—with your help!—through our work and enterprise.

Goal #1 strives to eliminate poverty. We are all about economic empowerment that diminishes the need for people to become displaced in search of stability elsewhere. The Off Ramp provides opportunities for micro-enterprise, training, and product development. While Threads by Nomad provides a marketing platform for goods produced.

Goal #5 is gender equality. In the midst of displacement, women and children are the most vulnerable. They are the ones most likely to be economically challenged and experience violence. We are available to all who are displaced or in danger of displacement, but we pay particular attention to girls and women to decrease their susceptibility.

Goal #8 is decent work and economic growth. Our desire is to see those who are displaced thrive, not just survive. We seek to create careers and opportunities for growth with a sense of fulfillment and dignity versus a job that won’t pay the bills.

Goal #10 is reduced inequalities among countries. For every 100,000 people in the world, 311 are refugees. Our international projects work to help provide stability and decrease the need for migration. The journey of migration is a dangerous one. 2020 saw more than 4000 deaths and disappearances of those on refugee routes of migration.

Goal #12 is responsible consumption and production. We pay attention to our environmental footprint. We support fair trade principles. In being kind to the earth, we are being kind to her people by helping to ensure a safe and beautiful environment for future generations.

We are grateful to each of you who supports us through your gifts and your purchases. Together we are change makers, making our world—our planet—a little bit better for all of us.

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