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  • Christen Kinard

Cook with us! Ratatouille

by Christen Kinard

A couple of weeks ago, I had the house to myself for the night and decided to spend my evening watching reruns of Suits on Netflix, enjoying a glass of my favorite kombucha, and making the Ratatouille recipe from our Plated Stories cookbook.

Wild way to spend a Friday night, I know!

It was a relatively inexpensive meal to make—mostly fresh produce which made me feel better about eating many servings later! And because I love you, here's the actual recipe.

(But if you make it, you have to post pictures and tag us, deal?!)

Making the dish is actually really easy—although there is a lot of prep. I *mindfully* chopped vegetables and remembered to take joy in the small and simple pleasures of life. Until it came to the tomatoes.

Then I mindfully got out my food processor and remembered to be grateful for the large and loud kitchen appliances in my life.

After the chopping (and food processing), it's a question of layering in the ingredients as they cook down and getting the seasoning right.

About the seasoning: I never measure (toxic trait?) so I'm certain I put in more than what the recipe calls for. I also felt pretty strongly that the whole thing needed to be salted earlier and more frequently.

Otherwise, I followed the recipe and it was a success!

I ate much of it that night, over rice, and continued eating it as leftovers for longer than I care to admit to you here.

If you don't follow us on Instagram (and why wouldn't you?!), I posted a video recap of my solo cooking adventure here and shared some creative leftover ideas here.

Now that's the face of a very happy mealtime me!

What should we cook from the cookbook next?

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