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Come Flourish with Us: A New Partnership

We have partnered with Flourish to offer our supporters a seamless way to give! A newly developed app for not-for-profits, Flourish rounds up every purchase you make and donates the spare change to the organization of your choice. We are asking you to choose The Off Ramp.

Since establishing our non-profit back in March, The Off Ramp has supported those in danger of displacement by helping individuals and groups develop small creative businesses in Mexico, Peru, and Rwanda. We have supported those who are already displaced through the funding of business development in Houston, Texas and Bethesda, Maryland. We are in the early stages of launching a similar project in Juarez, Mexico. And we have offered education, aid, and relief at the Texas/Mexico border and to displaced persons in the city of Houston. All of this (and more) in just nine months!

The questions we get most often is, "How can I help?" Well, this. This is how you can help. We will continue to try and secure larger grants and donations. We will continue to sell product generated by the small businesses we help establish to financially support the artisans behind them. We even have greater plans to be announced in early 2020 for The Off Ramp and its future. But truly, at the risk of sounding trite, every little bit counts. By downloading Flourish, selecting The Off Ramp as your chosen beneficiary, and automatically donating your spare change once a month, you will help sustain our ability to do the work we have set out to do.

This #GivingTuesday, don't make a one-time donation and then promptly absolve yourself of all future participation in the charity of your choice. Instead, invest yourself and your resources—even if it's just your spare change!—in the good work that is being done around the world. We're all in this together! Come Flourish with us!

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