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A House Becomes a Home

It was a hot and exhausting day, but we are grateful for the 15 or so folks who showed up and worked hard to make ready the house that will soon welcome a refugee family from Afghanistan. What a gift!

There is more painting, cleaning, and a few repairs, but the house is well on its way to being ready for the family’s arrival in a couple of weeks.

Even as we prepared the house, we were able to open and begin a furniture bank for the Rock Hill/Charlotte area. As new refugee families arrive, a bank of furniture to choose from will mean a swifter set-up!

Would you like to be a change-maker in the lives of families like this one?

Here is our Amazon Wish List for things that are needed to be ready for this family.

You may also give to The Off Ramp and designate it “Refugees”. Here are some examples of how gifts for newly arriving families might be used:

A roll of shelf paper = $10

A can of ceiling paint = $20

A textbook for language acquisition = $30

A comforter set = $50

A curtain panel = $20 or curtains for one room = $80

A curtain rod = $17 or rods for one room = $68

Utilities for one month = $150

School supplies = $25

Cleaning supplies to ready a house = $50

We'd like to extend a special thank you to our volunteers and our regular donors. Your contributions make projects like this one possible on an ongoing basis. We actually could not do what we do without you!

If you'd like to consider making a monthly gift to The Off Ramp to support our work, you can do that here.

Onward and upward!

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