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a few food pics for your monday morning (and an important announcement)

Why in the world would we be posting a bunch of food pics first thing on a Monday morning?

Because these are some of the meals I was served at the Seminario Intercultural Mayense (SIM) last year and The Off Ramp is committing to covering the organization's food and water costs for four months. We are doing this in the form of a grant offered as part of this week's ongoing fundraiser. 

When I was at the Seminario in Chiapas, I saw for myself the incredible generosity of Dalia and her staff. They feed and care for anyone who knocks on their door. By contributing to this portion of their budget we are actively supporting the community in Chiapas in a time of crisis.

We believe in the Seminario, in its team, and in its work. We felt it was only right to support them in the same way we are asking you to support them!

Speaking of your support, thank you to EVERYONE who donated over the weekend and gave us a great head start! So far, we have raised $3,895 of our $5,000 goal! We have until Thursday to cross the finish line because we need to send the funds to help SIM in October—their money runs out at the end of the month!

To contribute, click here, fill out the form, and leave a note mentioning that it's for SIM! The Seminario's monthly budget is just under $1,000. Truly, every donation makes a difference and supports the difference they're making!

If you missed our Facebook Live conversations on Saturday morning, click here to watch the last one with Dalia, SIM's Coordinator. She tuned in from a local restaurant where the wifi was stronger!

Dalia is also the one who will be chatting with us in a more "intimate" setting on Zoom on Wednesday evening at 7. We encourage you to join us for that to get to know and encourage Dalia, to discover more about the people of the Mayan Highlands and the good work that is being done among them. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions at the end. Here's the link for Wednesday night's Zoom session with Dalia! See then then and there!

With abundant gratitude,

Christen (and Nell too, obvs)

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