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  • Nell Green

5 suggestions to move forward in ending racial discrimination

The protests resulting from George Floyd’s asphyxiation by a white police officer arose just as COVID-19 measures were being loosened somewhat in Texas.

So, my husband and I decided we would be as careful as possible and go to the protest here in Houston.

I had vacillated. I was not sure about taking the health risk.

The same day as the protest, I was finally able to get my little matted hair Bichon Frise an appointment to be groomed.

As I dropped him off with the young African American woman at the door, I asked her if he could be ready just a bit early.

“We are considering going to the protest this afternoon,” I told her. I could not see her smile. She was wearing a face mask, but I could imagine it because her eyes lit up.

With a mixture of joy and surprise and even excitement, she said, “Really? That is awesome!”

That decided it for me. If this small action of a stranger said to her, “We are with you!” then I would take the calculated risk and go to the protest.

In truth, we were speaking out against more than oppression and discrimination of black people here in the United States.

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