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20/20 in 2020: Our Focus for the Coming Year

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

2020! Can you believe it? A new decade calls for renewed focus. Even though Nell’s optometrist says her eyes are not in focus, that does not mean we can not have clear 20/20 vision for the future. 

What will we focus on?

God’s abundance. The past year we have examined frequently what it means to live by a theology of abundance versus a theology of scarcity. Since God is abundant in all things good and loving, we will focus on that and watch for all the ways God’s abundance comes to us.

Family. We do not take for granted precious time with children and grandchildren. We are grateful that our children were able to be with us for Nell’s father’s memorial service. We intend to capture every moment possible to be invested in the lives and callings of those we hold dear. 

Framily. Our family is much bigger than those related to us by blood. We have amazing friends and colleagues who are more than friends. They are ‘framily.’ A highlight this past summer was “Framily Days” when two of our families came together with grandkids and we had a grandparents camp. We see more of that in our future for 2020.

Mother/Daughter Duo. What a great joy these past three years to birth with Sis the for-profit, Threads by Nomad ( and this past year the non-profit organization, The Off Ramp ( Both organizations have momentum and bright futures. We are focused on helping refugees thrive, providing careers not just jobs, and helping displaced people or those in danger of displacement thrive no matter where in the world they are. 

Co-creators. We are all busily creating in one way or another. Certainly the work of The Off Ramp and Threads by Nomad is a result of creativity. It would not be possible without those who come alongside us in encouraging us, praying for us, supporting us financially, sharing our story with others and a myriad of other ways. These are our co-creators. You are our co-creator. We are focused on how we can better do the same for you. 

Learning. As we vision, we realize we are not as equipped as we would like to be for the mission in front of us. We are focused on gaining the skills we need and learning as much about the people we engage with as possible, This year has been one of stretching as we have learned more about non-profit management and best business practices. There is much more to explore and glean from. 

Margins. Butch accuses Nell of not being able to just relax. That might be a little true. Nevertheless, we see plenty of kayaking, holding and cuddling grand babies, time in the garden, lots of good books, exciting ball games, time with friends, and a couple of escapes to the beach in our future. 

Moving into 2020 with 20/20 vision is exciting and a bit daunting! Thank you for looking back with us in gratitude, and joining our excitement for the coming year. 

Will you join us in 2020?

Donate to The Off Ramp here.

Want to give a few cents at a time in 2020? Flourish is the app for you!

Give a few cents to The Off Ramp every time you swipe your debit or credit card and watch your donations make an impact, helping displaced people thrive!

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